How to Respec Skill Points

This is a quick guide on how to respec all your skill points for any character without being flagged as a cheater.

Shared Stash

This works by using a shared stash with Respec Potions in it. Using this potion refunds all your skill points.

Step 1 - Backup Your Shared Stash

First thing you are going to want to do is backup your shared stash so you don't lose any items you have already have. Your stored stash is located in Documents\My Games\Runic Games\Torchlight 2\Save\(Different numbers for each person)\sharedstash.bin

You are going to want to copy this to somewhere also so you can restore it once you are done.

Step 2 - New Shared Stash

Now download this shared stash and drop it in the same folder and overwrite. This shared stash is filled with Respec Potions!

Step 3 - Finish & Restore

Now you can log in with any characters you want and grab some of the potions. Once you have all the potions you want can close out the game and replace the shared stash with your original that you backed up!

Alternate Method

Another method you can use is to enable console and spawn the Respec Potions on another character then move them to your shared stash.

Step 1 - Enable Console

To enable console you need to edit the settings file located at Documents\My Games\Runic Games\Torchlight 2\Save\(Different numbers for each person)\settings.txt

Open settings.txt and change "CONSOLE :0" to "CONSOLE :1". You can now use console in-game by hitting the insert key (Ins).

Step 2 - Spawn The Potion

Now you will want to create a new charcter you don't want to play because spawning items will flag your character as a cheater. After you are on your dummy chacacter run to the first town with the shared stash in it. Open the console and type "item RespecPotion,1" and a respec potion will drop from your character. Now you can place it in your shared stash and swap to the character you want to use it on. Now you can respec without being flagged as a cheater!